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Transported Delivery

With the advent of Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles it is now imperative that you know your Vehicle Transport Companies limitations.

Even small hybrid cars can take a van based single axle vehicle over its Gross Vehicle Weigh (GVW). This can lead to the vehicle being impounded.

From a safety stand point an overweight car transporter can be dangerous with increased risk of catastrophic mechanical failure and vastly increased stopping distances.

At Motormove we have a range of car transporters  for all car models and we are happy to advise or show you why a Car may need to go on a larger Car transporter.

Can Your Carriers Vehicles Cope?
Weight of Driver
Minor but crucial a Driver is part of a Vehicles Safe Working Load
Will inspect vehicles for faults and have weigh bridges to check Axle and Gross Vehicle Weight. They have the power to impound law breakers
Although the transported Vehicle may be under the Gross Vehicle Weigh. The Position of Batteries could make a light vehicle exceed its front or Rear Axle Weights.
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Motormove have a fleet of Single Car Transporter or Beaver Tails.

They will carry around 1650Kg this equates to most small family cars Corsa, A Class, 1Series and some Medium lower specced cars.

Single Car Covered and Uncovered Vehicle Transporters. Motormove have  Covered transporters which can carry anything upon to 3500kg which covers most vehicles on the road today.

Motormove two car transporters are capable of carrying most standard cars with the exception of some 4X4 vehicles. We operate both covered and uncovered Vehicle transporters.

Multi Car Transporters. Motormove are able to arrange the bulk collection and delivery of your vehicles on our 17 Ton HGV fleet. We have got you covered.

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